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Week 13

Week 13 Risk Analysis, Encryption, and Computer Protection:

Please Review:
1) Computer Security Basics
2) Passwords v. Encryption
3) How to Choose Strong Passwords
4) Understanding Security and Safer Computing
5) Symantec Guide to Scary Internet Stuff – Losing Your Data
6) Hak5: Hard Drive Encryption Made Easy
7) FBI: How to Protect Your Computer
8) SSL and Public Key Cryptography Explained (podcast)
9) Police Say Encryption a Threat
10) Laptop Hall of Shame

1) Encryption Flaw Makes Phones Possible Accomplices in Theft
2) Cryptolocker Thieves Likely Making ‘Millions’ As Bitcoin Breaks $1,000
3) N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web

1) Biometric Security
2) Truecrypt Encryption

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